Beach Adventure Holidays – Best Beaches in Cape Town

The Western Cape has developed quite a reputation for having some of the world’s best beaches. Cape Town has an incredible range of diverse settings, marine life and beautifully maintained beaches make this stretch of coast a favourite amongst local and international tourists alike for beach adventure holidays.

The cold Atlantic Ocean meets with the warm Indian Ocean along the Whale Coastline (named as such due to the Southern Right Whales which migrate to these waters during spring to mate and calve) which creates a rare marine ecosystem. A diverse population of marine animals makes the Cape Coast famous for the mixture of creatures associated with cold and warm seas. Penguins, Great White Sharks, Southern Right Whales, Cape Fur Seals and other creatures make these waters their home.

Different beaches are favoured and frequented for different reasons. Some beaches provide a long stretch of soft sand, perfect for long walks along the shore; others are situated amongst amazing scenery such as panoramic mountains and jagged coves. For the young and trendy there are beaches with a vibrant social setting whilst others are in remote locations, far from the hectic life found in the cities.

Best Beach for Whale Watching

The town of Pearly Beach in the Walker Bay area has a beach of the same name. The start of the beach begins with rock pools in which fishermen catch various fish and crustaceans. Yet after the rock pools the beach is transformed into a long stretch of silver sand which is a perfect spot for long walks.

Long walks along Pearly Beach are complimented by possibly the best land-based whale watching spots. During spring, the Southern Right Whales are visible from the beach, performing various acrobatic and playful acts such as lob-tailing, tail slapping and ‘sailing’ which involves them raising their tail to allow the wind to transport them. These playful behaviours are easily observable from the beach and are the perfect addition to make a long beach walk a truly magnificent one.

Dyer Island is very close to Pearly Beach and is a prime area to experience Great White Sharks, Cape Fur Seals and African Penguins, whether on a chartered boat cruise or shark cage diving. This exciting sport involves observing great white sharks in their natural habitat from inside the safety of a cage attached to the charter boat. Pearly Beach is also a short distance from De Kelders, a magnificent set of caves on the sea shore.

Best Family Beach

Hermanus has a variety of beaches, but Grotto Beach is one with a difference: It is the largest beach in Hermanus and stretches for kilometres. This makes Grotto Beach a perfect spot for families to find a spacious location to relax on the sand. There best cbg for dogs are braai (BBQ) facilities, lots of parking, as well as a play park and ample beach for the whole family, including dogs, to have fun.

The beach is extremely well maintained and has won numerous awards for its cleanliness and facilities. Parents can relax without worrying about their children treading on glass or other foreign objects which could cause harm. The beach is a ‘blue flag’ beach, meaning that it is well-serviced and maintained to a high standard.

Grotto Beach is situated in Hermanus which is a perfect place for a family to enjoy some recreational fun. Fresh seafood, incredible whale watching opportunities, craft markets, hikes and many other interesting family activities are available in Hermanus and in the vicinity of Grotto Beach.

Best Beach for an Unusual Setting

Boulders Beach is a small secluded beach amongst a cove of magnificent rocks and boulders in Simon’s Town and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. The beach is populated by a large colony of African Penguins, who are monitored and protected by the park after becoming endangered.

The path leading down to the beach runs through bush and foliage amidst which the penguins lay eggs. The small black and white birds are generally relaxed and calm despite the presence of humans, and it is against the rules of the beach to touch them or disturb their nests. Often when people try and touch them they can deliver a nasty bite, so it is advisable to stick to the rules.

The water in Boulders Beach is clear and the beach is pristine and kept extremely clean due to it being part of a national park. There is a small fee to obtain access to the beach but this is worth every cent as one gets to sit on a beach which has nature at its best as a surrounding.

Best Beach for the Young and Stylish

Camps Bay Beach and Clifton First, Second, Third and Fourth Beaches are a highly popular spot for the young and trendy as well as the rich and famous in Cape Town. Many film and magazine shoots are produced on the white beaches which feature palm trees, sun loungers and volleyball courts alongside the bright blue waters.

Camps Bay is a suburb of Cape Town and has many upmarket clubs and restaurants on the ‘strip’ which runs past the beach.

The beach is generally busy with visitors and locals. The water is extremely cold though, due to Camps Bay being on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula, yet many people do swim. The area also offers boutique shopping and the basic shopping necessities such as a chemist, supermarket and banks. Camps Bay and Clifton Beaches are close to the centre of Cape Town and easy to reach from the CBD and Southern Suburbs.