Dressy Vs Casual Vs Corporate: Wearing the Right Women’s Jackets

The androgynous suit blazer. The faux fur coat. The colorful zip-up. Women’s jackets come in a wide range of styles. Each of these designs corresponds to particular segments of a woman’s lifestyle. While there are a number of masterfully designed jackets that can go with almost any occasion or ensemble, for the most part, there are certain pieces of outerwear that are best worn to a certain type of occasion only.

Notch collar blazers are the quintessential office jackets. No corporate wardrobe can ever be complete without a crisp suit jacket, particularly in black or some other neutral color. Cut to flatter the wearer’s silhouette, this tailored piece can make any woman exude confidence and high esteem when matched with a pair of slacks or pencil skirt, and heels.

Out on the town with friends, women’s jackets need to have a little more oomph. Cropped boleros with glittering embellishments, studded rock star jackets, and faux fur coats are all great choices for keeping warm yet still looking stylish while on a night out.

Of course, casual activities call for casual outerwear. When the weekend itinerary includes just watching the kids’ latest soccer match, going to the mall or buying groceries, one doesn’t need to be too dressy. Cropped Denim Jacket and zip-up hoodies are comfortable and easy to move around in, perfect for such laidback activities.

Every wardrobe should have at least one outerwear piece for casual, corporate and chic dressed up affairs. Women’s jackets are functional complements to various looks.