Heavy Duty Pallet Racks – Drive-In, Drive-Through And Pushback Models

Heavy duty pallet racks are one of the most common equipment you will find in a manufacturing plant or warehouse. It is a very useful tool especially when handling several loads weighing hundreds of pounds. As the name implies, the racks are known for being very tough and able to handle a variety of loads. Here’s more on how they work on different occasions.

What are Heavy Duty Pallet Racks?

These are structures made to contain pallets or loads. These are usually made of very durable steel piping with cast iron netting on every level in order to hold and safely house heavy loads. The racks are typically open or accessible on every side for quick and easy storage of pallets.

The pallets can simply be placed individually or stacked before being placed on the racks as the room and height allow. Heavy duty pallet racks function in forklift operations as the forklift slides under the bottom pallet to move the stack onto an open slot in the framework.

They are highly useful in plants and factories in storing raw materials, finished products as well as any other type of equipment or part used in the industrial workplace. The huge pieces of equipment and machinery in factories are usually attached Jacksonville pallets to pallets and stored in pallet racks until further use. Some truck containers have built-in pallet racks as well which greatly help when transporting several items from one place to another. The items are more stable stored in pallets and the racks preventing damage.


Mobile Models

Some manufacturers have designed mobile pallet racks which have wheels and antilock brakes. This way, goods do not have to be placed and replaced every time. Plants can simply place goods in pallets and store them in designated pallet racks bound to be transported to another location. The wheels are heavy duty as well and may cover every few square feet for maximum stability and safety of goods and all personnel involved.


Drive-In and Drive-Through Models

Drive-in pallet racks are made especially for single-track or one-way forklift entry. These usually involve workplaces with very narrow aisles or inside trailers. The design allows forklift trucks to easily and safely move in and out of rack bays to place or take loads.

The rack bays’ depth is able to hold 4 to 6 pallets ideal for inventory systems utilizing the LIFO or last-in-first-out approach. In Drive-Through pallet racks, there are two access aisles for forklifts to place and take loads so trucks can enter the bay from either aisle and leave in the same direction using the FIFO or first-in-first-out approach.


Pushback Models

Pushback Heavy Duty Pallet Racks can store more items by as much as 75% compared to a selective rack. The depth can handle anywhere from 2 to 6 pallets up to 4 or more levels in height. Operation is safer as well which results to increased productivity and throughput. Heavy duty kits that can move 10 continuous bays at once are equipped with steel wheels. Each bay can handle around 24,000 lbs.