How to Increase the Pressure in Your Combination Boiler

Gas Central Heating Boiler Insurance

Most gas-fired boilers are now high-performance which means that more than 80% of the heat produced is put out as viable heating energy, which ensures both adequate heating and substantial energy savings and heating costs. There are two main types of gas boilers:

Wall mounted boilers;

Floor standing boilers;

Both can provide a simple service, which means that they just provide energy to heat your home, or dual-service/combi boilers, which means that they can heat the home and also produce hot water, either instantly when the tap is turned, or stored in a hot water tank for use as needed,

Whichever type of boiler you may choose for your home, these are complex machines that are expected to produce hot water without ever letting you down, Boilers Geen warm water are highly efficient in that they require little maintenance and they seldom break down. The problem is that when these complicated machines do eventually malfunction they can be very expensive to repair, that is why boiler insurance is a very useful addition to your regular household insurance policies.

The dangers of an under-qualified technician working on central heating boilers are immense, with the possibility of serious and even life threatening errors. Not only is there the possibility of a gas leak and explosion, there is also the ever present threat of the ‘silent killer’ carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not ever cut corners when it comes to your central heating boilers maintenance and repair, take out quality boiler insurance to safeguard your family, and get a regular boiler service