Ionic Footbath Features Body Detox System

Do your feet ache and throb? Are you prone to aching legs and are you often experiencing fatigue? Do you often find yourself needing a nap in the middle of the afternoon? Is your pick me up cup of coffee becoming less effective?

If you answered yes, then this can be addressed through foot therapy that can be done on the privacy of your very own home and in the luxury of your own created serenity; there is no need to pay for a foot massage or to go through a food detox. You can use your own ionic detox foot bath and get amazing health results right at home. In addition to fatigue, if you are experiencing pain in your body or have been diagnosed with a debilitating or painful disease then a foot bath can help to bring ease to pain that you may be experiencing.

There are impressive scientific studies that show the power of the foot. Each foot acts as a channel or a conduit, as believed in reflexology, and through this conduit the body is able to eliminate toxic wastes and unhealthy metals that may have bonded themselves to cells within the body over the years through exposure to various chemicals and foods. The correct frequency can be reestablished in the feet through an ionic foot treatment. The detoxification therapeutic procedure of a ionic footbath can enhance all other therapies and can increase overall results achieved.

The hydrotherapy detox foot bath uses stainless alkalinewatee steel electrodes that send energy into the body and the cells. A body cleanse or detox is one of the best ways to increase energy levels, remove toxins, radiation and chemicals from the body, and also to remove any foreign materials that may be trapped under the skin layers that could be slowing the body’s ability to eliminate it. The foot bath is an effective tool that can be used to restore the balances in the body and to enhance cellular health.

Testimonies of those who have used the Ionic footbath include those who have shared their joy at reduced inflammation, improved memory, a strengthened immune system, relief from pain including headaches, gout and arthritis pain and discomfort. Removing toxins from your body is so easy with an ionic footbath. Your body and mind is able to be rejuvenated by removing toxins that have been trapped within the cells in your body. Through the hydrotherapy sessions the toxins are released and are able to be eliminated naturally through tears, sweat and through the natural waste removal processes of the body. Users of the detox foot bath recognize a greater feeling of well being.

You can utilize the ionic technology therapy in the privacy of your own home. The massage feels great as your body is rejuvenated and restored. Create your atmosphere of peace, set up your candles and turn on the music and have your very own private therapy right in your own home. You can enjoy the technology of science in serenity and peace and experience the rebalancing of your system through the conduits or channels of your feet. This is a key reflexology foundation that is bringing many people the relief that they need from a variety of illnesses and discomforts.