Things You Must Never Do When Building Business Relationships

Building business relationships is so much more than getting someone card and saying hello. It is about turning a fragile, unsure acquaintance into a die-hard partner that would never leave your side no matter what. Developing a strong business relationship is about taking time, dedication, effort and knowing what to say and do and more importantly, what not to say and do.

It seems so many people are missing the whole concept of relationship building. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to build a business relationship virtual roundtables online or offline, there are 3 key things you should never do if you want to build a strong one.

Assume Closeness After First Meeting

Never assume you are “friends” after meeting someone for the very first time. Think about your current friends: the first time you met and said “hello” didn’t make you inseparable for life, did it?? Of course not! You needed to find out more about that person before they know you, love you, and trust you. You probably found out if they were married or had kids, you probably found out where they worked and if they liked it, you probably also found out of you had similar likes and interests when it came to recreational activities. This is just scratching the surface. You probably also didn’t find these things out through mental telepathy, but through asking questions. As your relationship grew, you probably found out their favorite color and their pets names. My question is: Why would you assume a business relationship is any different? You may not need to know someone’s favorite color or how they take their coffee in order to do business with them, but knowing more personal information about someone and what really makes them tick can help form a bond of trust between you and your business relationships. So, never assume that you are life-long buddies from hello. Relationships need to be worked on and built and that takes time and dedication and asking questions.

No One Likes Being Pitched
You know that person who calls you in the middle of supper and starts telling you about how great his business is and why you should join?? How does that make you feel? I don’t know about you, but I usually hang up. When you are trying to build business relationships, again this takes more than one meeting. Your first initial contact with someone when you are networking is to get to know them and build rapport. How else would you know if that person is even what YOU are looking for in a business relationship? Think about this: you would not be very successful selling a drill to someone who doesn’t need a hole, right? And how would you know what someone needed or wanted if you didn’t ask a series of questions in order to find out?? Pitching the sale on the first meeting is like a deadly sin in business relationships. You won’t just lose that person, but you will lose them forever.

The same thing goes for when you are online networking. You never want to talk about business before you even know if someone is looking for what you have. It is not just a turn off, but it is so much easier to lose people online because you never really had them in the first place. I see so many people online in social networking sites like Facebook throw a link for their business out there along with their “pitch”, in hopes that if they throw the line out there, someone will catch it. Instead, they end up offending people because they are assuming they know what the person is looking for when they never even took the time to get to know them. What happens is that person who is doing the pitching is now getting reported as a spammer.